Mobile App Design


CIVL is a mobile app development agency specializing in the design, programming, and development of mobile apps. Our apps are on the App Store, Play Store, as well as private enterprise platforms. Our quality and dedication are second to none while keeping costs minimal. See more about how we do that by visiting here.



Our graphic artists will work with you from conception to decide on a visually stunning aesthetic that compliments your content and user experience. Colors, elements, branding, and even item placement are all rendered and discussed with you to create a natural flow as your Users interact with your platform. We start off simple as we discuss your goals, your ideas, and how you envision your app. From there we begin wireframes to walk you through your user experience. Finally, we create designs to get you to your place of zen. No aspect is too small, every element in your app should work with everything else. We don’t stop until you are satisfied.


After discussions, designs, and decisions... it’s time to get our hands dirty. Our software engineers will begin to create the framework for your new app, all along keeping you updated with milestones and staying within our proposed timeframe. How long it takes depends on the app. Some apps can take a few weeks while others take a few months. You’ll know before a single line is written just how long we anticipate it to take and exactly how much it will cost. Our engineers are experienced in all programming languages and the latest development tools. We become your dev team allowing you to focus on the next step which is...


What began as an idea is now ready to go as a fully functioning app in both the App and Play Stores. What now? Before we even submit your app to the stores we put it through rigorous testing. We share it with designated users to try and “break” it. We will send it to you as well as anyone you trust and we encourage you to try and “break” it. We track any and all bugs and correct them before launch. We are so dedicated to your success that we will continue to test, track, and fix any bugs that arise at any point. Once we all feel confident that all issues have been addressed, we submit your app to Apple/Google and officially launch!


It is almost impossible to give a generic quote for mobile development. There are so many factors involved. The more complicated the app, the more expensive it becomes. Want to create a simple MVP (minimum viable product) or do you want to build out an entire social network with integrated A.I.? We will provide a detailed quote and timeline once we discuss your idea work out the details with you. Rest assured, we will do everything possible to keep your costs down to allow you to invest more money in the marketing and promotion of your app.

Protection Guarantee : MNDA

We know what you’re thinking. How can I trust you with my idea? What is to stop you from stealing it and just building it yourself? When you first meet with us we will provide a mutual non-disclosure agreement or MNDA. The MNDA protects you, it protects us, and above all it protects your idea. While this legal agreement is standard for every project we discuss, we also like to point out our business model to potential clients. We are in the business of creating apps. Our goal is for you to succeed with your app and as you expand you will hopefully return to CIVL to add new features and scale. You can rest assured that your idea is safe with us, whether you choose to use us or not. Still unsure? Let us discuss our company with you and when you are ready to move forward with your app, we’ll sign the MNDA and get down to business.